Ask Away! [redux]

Nietzche Family Circus--I never speak to the masses

The blog tour seems to be driving traffic toward this site. Or, if not proper traffic, at least a few lost drivers who stop to ask directions to Mira Jacobs. So I thought I’d repeat an earlier offer…

Given how many copies The New Men is likely (not) to sell and the disappointing lack of an emerging TNM slash fiction subculture (slash fiction: a key sign of valid, substantive literature), I’m not kidding myself that there’s a huge demand out there for further information about the novel.

But if you’re the sort of person who has questions about a novel after you’ve read it (or even as you read it) and wish you could ask the author what’s up with that, well, I’m lonely and starved for attention. So ask away. I can’t answer every question,* but I do promise to try.

This offer is valid from now until further notice.


* — For example, I won’t answer a question like “How can I learn to move objects with my mind?”*

** Oh, heck, I’ll answer that one: Get an engineering degree.



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