Thanks, Bub!

Thanks to the fine folks at BookBub deciding to help me to sell the heck out of The New Men — still $0.99 for the next few days! — I spent a good chunk of the day befuddling the algorithms at Amazon and looking like a  literary heavy hitter.  If I’d known to dream about Internet bookstores when I was a baby author, I would’ve dreamed more or less about seeing this image:

Hemingway Enfield Murakami

For the record, what I dreamed about instead was walking into my senior English class on the first day of high school, dropping a published copy of the sci fi novel I’d co-written the summer before with my friend Mike on the teacher’s desk, and announcing, “Doesn’t look like I’ll be needing to come to class this year.”

Yup, should’ve gone with edging out Murakami for a few hours.

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