A Cool Spot in the Shade

Readers’ Oasis has just offered a thoughtful and positive review of The New Men:

Good historical fiction, for me, should do two things: first, offer a compelling story, and second, teach me something new about a period in the past. The New Men does both. The story of Tony and his family’s journey from Italy to America, and Tony’s emotional journey through his work at Ford’s Sociological department, is both absorbing and interesting …

[O]verall, The New Men is a well-written, impeccably researched, and original historical novel. I would recommend The New Men to readers who like literary fiction, as well as those who read primarily historical fiction. I will look forward to whatever topics Jon Enfield chooses to tackle next in his fiction!

Thanks, Readers’ Oasis! Now, I promised my publisher I wouldn’t divulge too many details about the subject matter of my upcoming novel. But, apropos of nothing, doesn’t it seem like there’s a real paucity of leprechaun erotica set in fifteenth-century Norway?


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