Now I Just Need Someone to Tell Me I’m Pretty

Lisa at Bibliophiliac just wrote a positive and (therefore?) insightful review of The New Men. Some snippets:

What I look for in a novel is a cast of characters who are real to me, enough craft that reading is a pleasurable experience, and that immersive feeling of sinking into a good story. It’s an added bonus when the narrative is one that tells me something surprising and new about a time or place. The New Men, Jon Enfield’s debut novel, does all of the above …

I highly recommend The New Men for readers of historical fiction who might be ready for something a little different, and for anyone who enjoys the play of big ideas and fine writing.

Thanks, Lisa! And, indeed, thanks to everybody on the blog tour who has taken the time to review The New Men. Small press publishing relies on the goodwill and investment of readers who seek out books that don’t have a marketing push behind them, and reviews like these are crucial to that.

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