Bibliotica Says Kind Things

As you know, The New Men has begun a coast-to-coast blog tour. Since it’s currently taking a break to sip Dom Pérignon at 30,000 feet in the Corinthian leather seats of its G6 (and is far too lazy to deal with mundane tasks like bogging anyway), it falls to me to let you know that it’s earning its perks so far.

The first blog tour review is in, and it’s a very kind one from Melissa at Bibliotica:

From the opening notes … to the very last page, I was never bored. In fact, it would be fair to say that I was riveted, because I read this book last weekend, cover to cover, in one night…

Sometimes gritty, sometimes poignant – often at the same time – The New Men is a period piece that manages to comment on contemporary culture without feeling as if it’s doing so…

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