Why Hello, Brazil!

Okay, so this blog gets visitors like Rodney Dangerfield got respect. And, unsurprisingly, those few readers it does get almost all access it from within the US.

But for whatever reason, the second most represented nation by a notable margin is (or at least seems to be) Brazil. And this has been true since before the World Cup, so it’s not as if I’m simply starting to get visits from people who suddenly find themselves in need of guidance on how to be an underdog.

So I’m curious. Is this some sort of VPN artifact? Is there some Brazilian Danny McGrath giving a lot of thought to whether I’ve earned a spot on his kill list? (If so, sorry, Danninho!) Something else altogether?

Yeah, Steven Hawking looks at the heavens and wonders; I look at my blog’s stats page and do the same. There’s a lesson in there, I’m sure.


UPDATE: As of Aug. 6, 2014 the overwhelming majority of page views (90.3%) is still from the US. But Brazil remains the strong second (5.1%), well ahead of the rest of the pack (third place has a mere 0.7%). My operatives continue their investigations.

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