The Blog Tour, A Historical Reconstruction

These days, with the Internet, cloning, and Martian colonies, it’s hard to remember the simpler days of summer 2014.

But now that The New Men‘s blog tour has (almost) wrapped up, I want to hark back to that innocent time by thanking everybody who took the time to read and review the novel.

In particular, I want to thank the following reviewers on the dispassionate and objective grounds that they said nice things about it:


Thanks, everybody!


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At Least There Are a Lot of Guns in It

Meanwhile, over at Jen’s Book Thoughts, the eponymous Jen just said some nice things about The New Men:

Much of the well-researched history was fascinating; not your average history class facts… I felt as though I was learning about a whole world I never knew before…

While The New Man isn’t written as a suspense novel, there is a strong tension in the plot as colleague turns on colleague…

I found The New Men to be an enlightening read and would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in the auto industry and/or early Twentieth Century American history.

Extra thanks to Jen for forgiving The New Men for not being a mystery novel featuring a pistol-packing woman in stilettos and stockings. In hindsight, I pretty much blew it on that one.