Wensending Y’all Some Good News

Wendy at Wensend has been doubly kind to me this week.

First, she had this to say about The New Men:

So this sounds like a good read, right? I can tell you it is. Tony is such a likeable character, … very rich and developed, as were the other characters. This is something that I find very important and have missed in other novels I’ve read lately. Enfield did a great job developing the characters throughout…

Second, she generously allowed me to guest blog about the novel, particularly about where the idea came from and how I researched it. My post is scheduled to appear on Wensend Saturday, August 9.

Doing My Bit to Un-Grump the Reading Public

No More Grumpy Bookseller just reviewed The New Men:

The New Men is a pretty great historical fiction. I was not only impressed by how much effort Enfield obviously put into the history side of the tale (and he does outline some of his research in the Historical Note) but how well the story read as a whole. The characters were real and the plot was interesting.

Thanks, No More Grumpy Bookseller! (And thanks for not changing your name to an unpronounceable  symbol, which would’ve made writing this blog entry much more complicated.)

Now I Just Need Someone to Tell Me I’m Pretty

Lisa at Bibliophiliac just wrote a positive and (therefore?) insightful review of The New Men. Some snippets:

What I look for in a novel is a cast of characters who are real to me, enough craft that reading is a pleasurable experience, and that immersive feeling of sinking into a good story. It’s an added bonus when the narrative is one that tells me something surprising and new about a time or place. The New Men, Jon Enfield’s debut novel, does all of the above …

I highly recommend The New Men for readers of historical fiction who might be ready for something a little different, and for anyone who enjoys the play of big ideas and fine writing.

Thanks, Lisa! And, indeed, thanks to everybody on the blog tour who has taken the time to review The New Men. Small press publishing relies on the goodwill and investment of readers who seek out books that don’t have a marketing push behind them, and reviews like these are crucial to that.

At Least There Are a Lot of Guns in It

Meanwhile, over at Jen’s Book Thoughts, the eponymous Jen just said some nice things about The New Men:

Much of the well-researched history was fascinating; not your average history class facts… I felt as though I was learning about a whole world I never knew before…

While The New Man isn’t written as a suspense novel, there is a strong tension in the plot as colleague turns on colleague…

I found The New Men to be an enlightening read and would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in the auto industry and/or early Twentieth Century American history.

Extra thanks to Jen for forgiving The New Men for not being a mystery novel featuring a pistol-packing woman in stilettos and stockings. In hindsight, I pretty much blew it on that one.

I’m Blushing — Patricia’s Wisdom on The New Men

Patricia’s Wisdom says,

THE NEW MEN is very well written, and I believe the writer captured lots of the feelings people were experiencing … What an amazing time period to be a part of and living within, and the author has mixed the facts and the fiction in just the right portions to tell a terrific story.  I could not put the book down.  After the first hours read, I was hooked and so did the next read in 6 hours straight into the next day!   THE NEW MEN is that good.

Missris Says Kind Things


About The New Men, Missris says this:

It’s not exactly a light beach read, but rather a closer look into a social experiment by the Ford Motor Company that most people don’t know much about. It also raises interesting questions about the role of a company in the lives of its workers, which is something that definitely still has relevance today, whether or not we realize it. … Overall, I found the book interesting and well-researched.

Still, there goes my promo idea to offer sunscreen and a Model T beach towel with every copy.

More Kind Words — Life Is Story

Jen Roman said these nice things about The New Men on Life Is Story:

Filled with historical notes and an interesting storyline, The New Men educates readers while entertaining … I thoroughly enjoyed this story of a fictional family living as a real one might during the start of America’s industrial age, and I am sure others who have similar interests will find it as engaging as I did.

Thanks, Jen!